Health Staff

June 2018 our focus has been to test the New Facebook Job posting functionality, more testing needed to identify if Job posts on Facebook generate extra reach and enquiries. We have continue to placed additional focus on Social Media ads to increase brand awareness, from this in conjunction with the Newsletter.
SEO continues to performing well with many keywords in the top 3 placement on Google which generates organic traffic & leads.

IT assistance has been supplied – Any feedback or requirements still needed.

With this we continued with our recurring tasks, Newsletter, Career24 & Gumtree ads & Facebook Advertising optimizations.
We continue to see consistent increase in returning users and new users.

We have seen slight drop in Locum Registrations – will review and optimize ads.

June 2018: 681 Website conversions.
Of which 484 are New Subscribers for Health Staff.

July 2018 we would like to look at finalizing the Health Staff home page and website with updated look and feel, draft design has be supplied in separate email.

With this these elements still need to be supplied:
We have supplied update regarding new home page design – any feedback on how we should proceed?
Feedback needed to finalize Ebook – waiting on feedback and final content.