How often should you post on Social Media?

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Now you’re starting to accumulate some followers who are interacting with the content you’re posting—nice.

You’ll notice that you might get a few clicks every time you share something (depending on the network). Then a lightbulb goes off in your head: “If I shared twice as many posts, I would get twice as much traffic.”

To a certain point, you’re absolutely correct. But what if you shared so much content that you were taking up most of your followers’ feeds? They’ll think you’re a spammer and unfollow you, and you might even get reported.

Clearly, when you share too much, you hit a point of diminishing returns.

As with most things, you will have to test the frequency of posting to optimize it for your business. Depending on the audience, you might need to share more or less.

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1. Facebook: The Facebook algorithm has gone through significant changes in the past few years. Now, readers have more and more content in their feeds that moves faster than ever, which means that you can typically get away with posting more often.

Hubspot analyzed the Facebook sharing data of their customers and found that the ideal frequency depends on the size of the Facebook page’s following.


It turns out that the smaller your page is, the faster you see diminishing returns. The ideal posting rate for a small page (1-200 followers) appears to be 16-30 posts per month, or about once every day or two.

Remember, the graph above shows click rate, so the overall number of clicks will likely be higher even though the click rate declines.

The data shows similar results for medium-sized pages, but for large pages with over 10,000 followers, you should post at least 31 times per month, which works out to once or twice per day.

2. Twitter: While feeds move fairly quickly on most social networks, Twitter is a different beast altogether. Within hours, your post will be buried beneath hundreds of others.

Peter Bray found that nearly all retweets occur within the first hour of a tweet being made.


It’s logical to deduce that most clicks and comments also occur within the same period. And because tweets have such a short lifespan, you need to post more often.

To start with, post between 5 and 20 times per day. I’d recommend sticking to the lower end for now as it is more sustainable.

To determine when you should post, use a tool like followerwonk.

Start by signing in with your Twitter account. Then go to the Analyze tab and enter your username:


After you submit the name, scroll down, and you’ll find a graph that shows you when your followers are mostly online:


Again, though, you want to test which times work best for you. It’s possible that the times when fewer people are online are best because fewer other tweets will be shared. Always test.

3. LinkedIn: LinkedIn’s own sophisticated guide for marketing revealed that the ideal frequency to post is about 20 times per month, or once per day. But again, test this as it will vary.

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